Monday, January 5

Sport of the future

The other night I climbed into bed and turned on the tv.  It was late (almost 3am).  The 1998 classic Futuresport was on.  Somehow I never watch this materpiece starring Dean Cain, Vanessa Williams and Wesley Snipes.  (Quick plot summery: Futuresport is a sport in the future of electrified balls and hover boards the Snipes had developed in "the streets" or "low zones" for gangs to settle their differences.  But since then it has been co-oped to the "corporations."  Now, Cain, a street player who sold out and went profession has been recruited to play for the North America Team versus the Asian team to settle a war.  If this works, all wars will be settled by Futuresport.  And whoever wins this came get Hawaii... but they are playing with "street rules."  I had no idea who Vanessa Williams was supposed to be.)  I fell asleep after the coach of the N A team was killed by a robotic spider and Cain became the new coach.  This is is the obvious time for the "training montage."  Quick cuts, slow mo, uplifting music.  Futuresport clearly couldn't afford any more effects shots clearly they could barely afford the ones they had), so they settled for a stirring "motivational speech montage."  Since they couldn't afford any more dialog (again, they could barely afford the dialog they had), it was shot just like a "traing montage" - Quick cuts, slow mo, uplifting music.  The team sitting in a circle with just Cain smiling and pointing at people, in slo-mo, and then them smiling or laughing back at him, also smiling.  Very rousing.