Monday, October 6

SenSlip: Get your foreskin on!

Did your 'rents clip your skin? Feel like you're missing out on the experience? Viafin-Atlas has the fix for you. I mean, they are "the world leaders in the manufacture of artificial foreskin for circumcised men." Isn't that a bit like saying you're the world leader in making top hats for ferrets?*

This whole thing immediately made me think of the movie Europa Europa.

From the "Ladies Page":
Have you ever bought your man boxer shorts, only to find that he cannot wear them as they make him sore? When wearing the SenSlip, boxer shorts or underwear made from any material is no longer a problem, as the SenSlip protects the most sensitive part of his penis from friction caused by movement. Just think how many women get ‘Joggers Nipple’ caused by movement of their breast against their clothing, now imagine the extra movement at the end of the penis - OUCH!
Note to ladies: I would avoid buying SenSlip as a Christmas gift. I just can't think of a way that would go well.

Look, just be grateful I didn't link straight to the video.

(via Mr. Gibson via Boing Boing)

*I wrote "top hats for ferrets" just as something that there would be little competition for. Later I realized it sounds like a euphemism for foreskins.