Tuesday, October 21

Salad of Doom

I haven't been writing much because, well, the stuff I've been think about is none of you business.
On Sunday, after class, I ate from Dave B's salad. I used his fork. I kind of pride myself on not being scared of germs and such which has done me pretty well. It doesn't appear that I spend and time being sick than anyone else. If anything I am sick less.
BUT I shouldn't have eaten that salad. Dave has been sick. Monday morning I woke up and my body felt like it had been placed beaten by a two-by-four all night. My legs were like jello. I drank some water and climbed back into bed. And slept. All day. Eventually I woke up and was sort of functioning from 6pm 'til 11pm (thanks to Excedrin) and then collapsed again.
On the other hand, I feel fantastic today. Not sick at all.