Saturday, March 3


After my retreat, I am taking a look at everything I've been working on. My body has been telling me that I need to take better care of myself and my brain has been reeling a bit. I also just took a look at a separate blog I had a year ago. I was writing more interesting things back them. It was a tighter audience and I was more focused. I can say that about a lot of things in my life.

So I am going to make some changes. Nothing grand. Just minor things. Now I am trying to resettle things, reconnect. All is good.

I am also allergic to Montgomery (the cat). He (sometimes) gives me huge welts on my arms and (oddly) hips. I am committed to him but he and I need to figure out new ways to live together. This is new. There was one other cat in the world that I had a bad reaction to and that was a sinus thing. So sad. But we'll work it out.