Thursday, January 11

Robert Anton Wilson, 1932-2007

Robert Anton Wilson pass away. He was one of America's great thinkers. Yes, he was bit of rthe crazy. But he was my kind of crazy. If you haven't read his work, you should do so. You might hate it. It might make no sense to you. But you owe it to yourself anyway.

Someone on a forum in the internets pointed out that it was a shame he didn't die one the 23rd. (As we all know the 23 is an important conspiracy number. Keep an eye out for it... you will start noticing it everywhere... especiallu on clock in movies.) But as I pointed out...

11th of Jan., 2007
11 01 20 07
(11 - 01) + (20 - 07)
(11 - 1) + (20 -7)
10 + 13

R.I.P. R.A.W.