Thursday, June 8


On Tuesday I hit another one of Freddy's Bar & Backroom's fantastic nights: Diorama Lodge! And it was, as is to be expected, fantastic. My friend Emily (who could be heard of This American Life a few weeks back... how much does that rock? a lot, is how much). She has a diorama team. Very intimidating. But I was pleased with my first time efforts. Sadly I didn't bring a camera. I thought about it, but couldn't find my flashcard as I was trying to get out the door. I did leave my diorama at Freddy's, so if no one has taken it home yet it should still be there. The Fall of Lucifer (the theme was of course 666). I had good composition, but I realize the was to make a trully great diorama is to think outside the box... as it were.

Anywhozits, I have a big ol' blister from the glue gun. No jokes about me and glue guns, please. I am still traumatized.