Friday, May 5

Four Eyed Monsters

This is old...sort of.

Four Eyed Monsters
is a little independent film that is trying really to break the mold how films get distributed. Actually there are tons of wonderful things about this film/project. I say this without having ever seen the movie. But they also have a podcast. Watch it. Go to episode one first and watch them all.

Anyway the point of all this is that there will be free screening at the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday, May 6th (yes, tomorrow) at 8:30. Tickets will be available at the visitor center starting at 7:30. Afterwards, you can hang out at the museum until 11pm (free first Saturday stuff). And then go hang at Soda Bar up an Vanderbilt.


You can go see the start of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby second season. Also in Brooklyn (at least for now), it will be at The Schwartz Athletic Center (1 University Plaza, on Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus), doors at 7:30 and the bout starts at 8:30. It will be the Manhattan Mayhem vs. the new Bronx Gridlock.

I know. Tough choices.