Friday, March 3

From the makers of Grand Theft Auto... PONG!

Rockstar Games makes Table Tennis game

This is the most brillant move ever. Here you have Rockstar Games, (in)famous for videogames that are innovative, expansive, massive, complex, with tons of gameplay options. Also games with excessive violence, sex and brutality. So what to they do for their first game on the next gen cconsoles?

Table Tennis. Ping Pong.

Besides the irony (made all so more brillant becaus ethe game is not ironic), it works on lots of levels.
Gives them an entry into the sports game market.
Broadens their brand.
Lets them work on a very simple game on the new gen hardware. Worrying about how to get simple things right as oppposed to try to balance a huge game.
And offering it for a lower price point...
Brillant. Just brilant.