Thursday, November 24

Thank you

Just a shout out.

Thank you Liz and Erin. Thank you, Jake. And you too Allen.
Thank you, mom and dad. Kim and Kevin and your children.
Another thank you Kim for reading.
A thank you to B-Star and Lonesome Jack and live music in general.
Thank Chris B. and the NaNo staff.
Thank you Brooklyn and New York regions and my MLs.
Thank you, Mayhem. I miss you.
Thank you, Emily.
Thank you, Tracy S. and Tony for the invite tonight and the amazing desk.
Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet and Hot Pockets (he invented Hot Pockets right?).
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me.
Thank you to The Trolls. Man, you cats be crazy.
Thank you Team C.O.B.R.A. Victory shall be ours.
Thank you to all the new people I've met during the last year, especially the last four months.
Thank you, America for maybe opening your eyes. It's not too late.
Thank you, Dave, Peter, Frank and Warren. Oh, and Jessica.

Thank you.