Saturday, November 5


Always the problem when you move to new dig: you never know what to take with you and you should just get new.

Seeing that at the start at least this blog shall be pretty much whatever is floating around Chris's head at the moment, som duplication from one blog to another is just one of those things.

So short form here:
I am writing a novel in one month. Nov 1st, 50,000 word by Dec 1st. Quantity over quality. It's an excesize thousands of people, all over the world are partaking in. It's good. It's fun. The forums on it are very enteratining. And hey it's still not too late to start!

This are still going swimmingly! One problem. Last night, I ended up figuring out exactly how many chapters I'll need. I even named them all!

Chapter 1: A Departure and Two Visitations
Chapter 2: The Agreement
Chapter 3: A Life Examined
Chapter 4: The Tiny Thing
Chapter 5: A Series of Awkward Moments
Chapter 6: The Revelation
Chapter 7: A Different Perspective (tentative)
Chapter 8: The Trip (tentative)
Chapter 9: A Random Coincidence
Chapter 10: The Body Part
Chapter 11: A History Lesson (tentative)
Chapter 12: The Door Ajar (tentative)
Chapter 13: A Day of the Dead
Chapter 14: The Red Passage (tentative)
Chapter 15: A Black Meal (tentative)
Chapter 16: The White Bed (tentative)
Chapter 17: A Pale Caller (tentative)
Chapter 18: The Straw (tentative)
Chapter 19: A Deal Unbreakable (tentative)
Chapter 20: The Long Silence (tentative)
Chapter 21: A Gathering (tentative)
Chapter 22: The Plan Unending (tentative)
Chapter 23: A Search for Answers (tentative)
Chapter 24: The Race (tentative)
Chapter 25: A Final Judgment (tentative)
Chapter 26: The Departure and Two Visitations

Now, the problem is that I finished chapter 4 tonight. So I've been doing about a chapter a day. I am also at 14,500 words or so words. So I am averaging 3625 a chapter and a day... I am don thing I am going to be able to keep up that pace. My chapter outline gives me four day wiggle room if the goal is to get to the end of the story. But that also ends up being a 94,250 word novel, significantly over the 50,000 goal.

So I am torn. But it's a great thing to be torn about.